Industrial Biotechnology Innovator and Synthetic Biology Accelerator
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IBISBA a European distributed research infrastructure dedicated to biotechnology and biomanufacturing, offering a vast range of R&D services covering all steps of bioprocess development. IBISBA constitutes a single access point to researchers from both academia and industry across the globe. Choosing IBISBA provides users with unique visibility of European excellence in biotechnology. By federating European expertise and state-of-the-art R&D facilities, IBISBA constitutes a unique platform for work on standardisation and the development of advanced data practices, both of which form core elements of service reproducibility, interoperability, and knowledge sharing. Likewise, IBISBA contributes to the development of industry standards, crucial for the growing biomanufacturing sector. As a pan-European research infrastructure benefiting both academia and industry, IBISBA forms a nexus for the translation of cutting-edge knowledge into innovation for biomanufacturing. IBISBA’s ambition is to surpass the techno-push/market pull paradigm, founding a new one where R&D expertise and industrial knowledge are exchanged in a bilateral continuum that promotes the production of new knowledge and provides a fast-track to innovation. IBISBA simplifies user access by building shared business practices and streamlining contractual terms, including harmonised IPR policy among its service providers. Likewise, IBISBA is developing common strategic road-mapping, thus providing a pan-European vision of existing assets and future needs. Accordingly, IBISBA is creating the basis for smarter investments and science-based policymaking in favour of the biotechnology & biomanufacturing. Embedded in academia, IBISBA is strategically placed to contribute to the creation of Europe’s future workforce. Providing education and training, IBISBA ensures the timely transfer of the cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are vital to sustain the growth of Europe’s biotechnology sector. Currently an ESFRI project, IBISBA is using a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to federate stakeholders, create its community and establish temporary governance mechanisms. Presently, the MoU is signed by 23 partner entities, representing 11 countries, including France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. All these partners are committed to drive IBISBA forward and deliver a fully operational research infrastructure in the coming years. Among partner countries, seven (France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Greece, the Netherlands) are members of IBISBA’s steering committee. It is anticipated that IBISBA will become an ERIC, organized following a hub and spoke model. The hub will be composed of the legal entity whose seat will be in France. Working with the ‘spokes’, each of which is a national community (or node), IBISBA-ERIC will deliver its business model, mostly through the participation of R&D service providers located in member nodes.
Total Investment 0 M€ Design 5 M€ Preparation 4 M€ Implementation 2,5 M€ Operation 2 M€/year Project 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 2022 2024 2026 2028 2030 2032 2034 2036 2038 RM06 RM08 RM10 RM16 RM18 RM21 LA24
Roadmap Entry
as project: 2018
Total investment
0 M€
Design Phase
5 M€
Preparation Phase
4 M€
Implementation Phase
2,5 M€
Operation start
2 M€/year
The IBISBA concept emerged as early as 2013 and has been progressively gaining impetus since then. A significant milestone in IBISBA's history was the launch in 2017 of IBISBA 1.0, an INFRAIA starting community project involving research infrastructures located in 9 countries, including 8 EU member states. This project provided the means to perform a design study, developing a subsidized transnational access program that is now a flourishing activity. In July 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding was launched to galvanize support for IBISBA. It is currently signed by 23 partner organizations, representing 11 countries. In 2018, IBISBA was admitted onto the ESFRI roadmap as a project and received preparatory phase funding, which began in January 2020. During the preparatory phase, work focused on several aspects including the business model, the target legal entity and the future governance structure. The so-called PREP-IBISBA project also provided the opportunity to develop KPIs to monitor the future research infrastructure and establish a preliminary 5-year financial plan. Importantly, the PREP-IBISBA project also led to the creation of IBISB’s steering committee, which now plays an active role in the preparation of a future ERIC candidature. Since 2024, IBISBA is receiving funding for its implementation phase. France was recently designated as the host country for the legal seat of the future IBISBA-ERIC. Likewise, the statutes for this entity are in the process of finalization. Presently, IBISBA stakeholders are resolved to launch step 1 of the ERIC candidature process before the end of 2024. If successful, this will open the way to the creation of IBISBA-ERIC before 2027.
Protein discovery and engineering From advanced in silico protein design methods to the creation and screening of molecular libraries, IBISBA supports protein discovery and engineering with world class expertise and cutting edge equipment, including automated platforms for medium and high throughput protein screening and expression. Production strain development A variety of biofoundry environments, equipped with advanced strain design methods and automated strain construction platforms are available to IBISBA users. Our strain development capabilities are completed by automated, high-throughput microbioreactors and multi-parallel bioreactor systems for early stage evaluation of strain performance. Bioprocess development and optimisation From upstream to downstream processing, IBISBA offers a wide range of expertise, allowing users to design and scale bioprocesses. IBISBA’s network includes expertise in a variety of bioprocesses, including enzyme-based process, bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi, microbial consortia and microalgae. Process testing includes opportunities to assess and optimise batch and fed batch processes at scales from several litres to 10 m3. Omics & Analytics To support bioprocess development, IBISBA’s supplies a range of analytics, from feedstock characterisation through to state-of –the art omics (e.g., genomics, metagenomics, proteomics and metabolomics) technologies, users are provided with a wide choice of analytical strategies. TEA & LCA To ensure that bioprocesses are viable and sustainable, IBISBA offers expertise and advanced methods to scale-up and assess process flowsheets for technoeconomic viability and explore value chain options. Moreover, IBISBA provides access to world class expertise in life cycle analysis.
IBISBA is a member of the Life Sciences RI group. Federating European RIs (ERICs & ESFRI projects), LSRI’s mission is to support cutting-edge science by offering access to the latest technologies, comprehensive resource collections and technical expertise. IBISBA is also working with other RIs in the framework of 3 EU-funded projects: BIOINDUSTRY 4.0 [HE, INFRATECH] This 4-year long project aims to enable academia and industry to jointly de-risk biomanufacturing processes by developing advanced digital tools and technologies that offer smart designa and control options. BIOINDUSTRY 4.0 involves 6 EU RIs: IBISBA, MIRRI-ERIC, BBMRI-ERIC, ELIXIR, DSMZ, and GAIA-X. AgroServ [HE, INFRASERV] This 5-year long project aims to support R&I by providing customised and integrated RI services in view of achieving a sustainable and resilient agriculture and supporting agroecological transitions. AgroServ links 11 EU RIs: 10 RIs are on the ESFRI roadmap either as Landmark (AnaEE, ELIXIR, EMBRC, EU-Openscreen, Euro-Bioimaging, Lifewatch ERIC, MIRRI), or Project (EMPHASIS, METROFOOD, IBISBA). SmartCow is a starting community for animal research services. canSERV [HE, INFRASERV] This 3-year long project aims to provide cutting edge, interdisciplinary and customised oncology services across the entire cancer continuum. canSERV federates 13 RIs: BBMRI-ERIC, Euro-Bioimaging, ELIXIR, IBISBA, EurOPDX, EU-OPENSCREEN , Instruct-ERIC, INFRAFRONTIER, EMBRC, ECRIN, EATRIS, MIRRI, ARIE.